Brug Gallery

The engaging e-commerce platform to bridge the gap between artists and art buyers




I worked in a team of 4 together with UX designer, developer and marketing specialist. I was responsible for the research, data collection, interview with our users. I participated in weekly meetings.


June 2019 - June 2020


Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Miro

UX Process - Miro Workshop

Our Brug Gallery team has conducted valuable feedback from our users. We gathered for the workshop to define our main features and future goals. We realized that there is a big gap between our end-users and our artists, and we can close that gap.


Our Brug Gallery team designed wireframes for the first landing page. Our main purpose was to launch a landing page as soon as possible in order to collect more data from our users. We created a couple of examples of the MVP. 


''The main mission of Brug Gallery is to bridge the gap between artists and art buyers. I worked on user research and I was responsible for building relationships with artists and growing Brug Gallery community.''