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Meet Dima - Your Gateway to Technology and Art Fusion!

I'm Dima, a visionary at the web3, AI, and gaming intersection, embarking on a collaborative odyssey to craft groundbreaking digital experiences. My works on the App Store and Google Play impact millions worldwide. Let's embrace innovation, crafting a future beyond expectations.

My Services 

UX Design

I provide UX research based on Nielsen Norman Group design thinking principles. User flow, sitemap, competitive analysis, personas and more.

UI Design

It includes wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes. I work in Figma and make sure your design is pixel-perfect and ready to be implemented.

Art Direction

I translate business goals and strategies into clear visual solutions. Detailed trend analysis is an important part of my creative process.


I specialize in translating concepts into visually stunning final products, making your vision a captivating and immersive reality.

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Chris Paulischta

Human Capital Consulting at Deloitte, former Director at Philips

📍 Dublin, Ireland

Dima is a very talented professional, bringing creative insight and a solution-focused mindset, to overcome complex user design problems. He is passionate about proving holistic user experiences that integrate naturally with the flow of life and work.

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Rulian Estivalletti

Senior Software Engineer at Stealthbits

📍 New York, United States

Dima put a lot of research, thinking and effort behind my project, where every decision and detail had a reason and purpose. As a developer, being able to work with someone who can understand your vision and work with you to accomplish your goals gives momentum to your project as it feels like there is wind in your sails.

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Stefie Sancassano

Experience Digital Consultant at Modolab

📍 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I've worked with Dima for six months on an MVP project for an art platform. We conducted several workshops generating insights and action plans. As a creative designer, he challenged the team to think outside the box to create better experiences. He is an excellent colleague to work with.

Stefie's LinkedIn

Product (UI/UX) Design 


Web3 App

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My Industries 


I have been working on blockchain, fintech, and web3-related projects and designed an app for 2 million users.


With AI-driven design, I craft dynamic interfaces. From chatbots to algorithms, AI enhances experiences.


In the realm of gaming, I create immersive experiences. From level design to gameplay, I craft engaging worlds.


Discover metaverse possibilities. Together we will analyse current platforms and set the right design strategy.

Personal Blog

Technology and The New Era

Weeks before my trip to Venice I marked the Korean pavilion as one of my first stops given the exhibition of transdisciplinary artist Yunchul Kim merged high tech with art, something I am passionate about and I apply daily in my work. Finally, the time came to visit the pavilion... 

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Oct. 20, 2022

The Power of Community

Francis Alÿs is one of my favorite artists so I was thrilled to learn he was chosen to represent Belgium in its Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale and made sure to put aside enough time to visit the exhibition, titled The Nature of the Game, more than once... 

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Oct. 20, 2022

The Milk of Dreams

Finally, after longing to do so since my Fine Art school days, I was able to travel to the Venice Biennale, the world’s oldest and most prestigious international art event.  In short, the Biennale represents all those things the art world should be but not always is...

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Oct. 20, 2022

Dima Horizons is my personal blog and a community place where I share my thoughts on contemporary art, technology, and modern culture. 

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Ready to Elevate Your Product Design Experience? Join the Journey

Are you ready to elevate your product experience to new heights? As a visionary force at the intersection of web3, AI, and fine art, I specialize in crafting exceptional product designs that push boundaries and captivate audiences.

With a creative journey that has impacted millions of users on the App Store and Google Play, I'm driven to shape the future of design through innovative and user-centric experiences.

Let's embark on a collaborative odyssey and together, we'll transform your product into a true masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression. Reach out today, and let's revolutionize the way your users interact with your brand.